Tibetan man dancing happily on the tibetian temples festival

The best time to visit the Northern Tibet Plateau is in summer.  The Northern Tibet Plateau is frequently alluded to inside China as the QiangTang Prairie. Here weathered herders making living by crowding yaks and sheep. The fleece from these creatures spun to a high caliber and afterward sold. Nylon tents with five hues are accessible here: red, blue, yellow, green and white. Old shake carvings and the skeleton of a wooly mammoth all exist in this astonishing scene.  Tibet celebration garments are detectably exceptional particularly among youthful to moderately aged young ladies; these costly articles of clothing incorporate a full outfit and a few bronze and metal decorations swinging from it. The special sound of a ringing ringer can be heard crosswise over Tibetan levels amid merry occasions.

Travel to Tibet

In the place 100 kilometers from Tibet, there untruths the world-acclaimed Nianqing Tangla Snow Mountain, circumscribing Namucuo Lake toward the north. The 7117-meter high mountain is secured with snow all year around, encompassed by fogs, loaded with baffling environment.  The Nianqing Tangla Mountain and Namucuo Lake is both the most appealing blessed mountain and lake in Tibet and age-depend couples. They draw in a great many guests consistently and have turned into the biggest religious blessed land and grand spot. Well worth visit. It is certainly justified regardless of a visit.

In bright June of Tibet, the most ceremonious yearly religious celebration of Tibetan-Sagadawa Festival is coming. Amid the Sagadawa Festival, exercises to remember the Buddha Sakyamuni are a considerable amount and contributions will be given to poor people. I would definitely love visiting Tibetian temples. Tibet amid this season is without a doubt a decent chance to encounter the interesting Tibetan flavor.  Convenience: Hotels are very simple to discover in Lhasa. Nourishment: The sustenance in Lhasa chiefly incorporates Tibetan Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine. Nepal and India eatery can likewise be found in Lhasa. You can attempt some conventional Tibetan sustenance, for example, Zanba, dried hamburger and lamb, grain wine and Buttered Tea.  Custom: Since there are numerous individuals going to the Sagadawa Festival for accepting advertising. You ought to plan enough little changes. When taking photographs of individuals, it would be ideal if you regard the subject.